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I am happy to announce that I have come to a final design that I will use as my personal identity. With it comes a new but temporary and still under-construction website dedicated to my design work. Check it out and let me know what you think  >>>

Cortlin J logo


Among the pyramids(that is a lot) of projects(which is why you see a lack of posts) this semester(it’s almost over!) at school, I’ve been trying to create a look for myself (how many parenthesis do you think I could use in one post?)(I wonder what the record is)(better yet, who set it). These are just a few ideas. I really enjoy logo design, check out some more logos I’ve created here.

Here is something I finished up not long ago. I really love typography. I thought it would be cool to make a poster dedicated to a specific typeface. This one focuses on Eurostile designed by Aldo Novarese, a nice Sans Serif typeface. I would like to do a few more showing different typefaces.

For some real good typography samples in advertising check out this article recently written at

Type Poster

Do you know what a zine is? A zine in a nutshell is self-publicated original artwork (more info). One of my final projects was to create a zine based on the origin of something. I chose to create a zine focused on the Necktie and how it began, it lists many possible reasons how the tie came about. “Maybe a man created it as a way to accessorize to compete with women.” Further it explains why you should wear one. “It doubles as a belt when you forget one.” or “It can also be used as a sweatband.”  It was pretty fun. Above are a few pages from it. In a few weeks you will be able to see it at the Salt Lake City Library or on their website. They have the largest zine collection in the world! Oh and if you were wondering those who create zines are considered zinesters.

So this is a school project I am just finishing up. I really enjoyed doing it, not only because I enjoy the James Bond series but because I’ve never done a magazine spread before. It was kind of a challenge. Alot to organize. The project was based on a magazine of today that looks back at previous years in entertainment. The year assigned was 1962. The year the first Bond movie came out, Dr. No. Let me know what you think!

Magazine Cover and 2 Page Spread

Newest skinz for the Tatskinz contest I have just submitted. I have to admit this has been a fun little contest. I have made five or six skinz, a few of them are up on their website to vote for, check them out here. (the ones entitled Cort are mine) These two hopefully will be up to vote for before the end of the month(when the contest also ends). If you haven’t voted get over and vote for your favorites!

The Beginning

So after a little experimenting with a few blog sites I think I’ve found one I’m satisfied with. WordPress seems to be more flexible, editable and “mytype.” Sorry if any of you fell in love with my blog…( joke ) but get ready to fall in love with my wordpress! (serious 😉 ) I hope to spend a lot more time on this in the near future with posts that catch my attention to catch your attention. Get it? Got it? Good.

So it begins… again.